What You Will Take away from ISA 2020?

Gaining Global Perspective on Regulatory Challenges, Market Opportunities, Innovation Trends and Technology Advancements

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  • Learning the latest updates on EU and China’ cosmetics regulations
  • Skincare & makeup global market outlook: A 2025 view
  • Addressing the emerging trends, needs, and behaviors of the next generation of beauty consumers
  • Transforming and laying out through open innovation & sustainability
  • Unveiling the development strategy for cosmetics start-ups
  • Examining product innovation trends of skincare & color cosmetics
  • Learning best innovation of cosmetics packaging design, material and technology application
  • Unveiling key active ingredients, green formulation, new evaluation standards & approaches
  • Learning the latest researches on skin microbiome & autophagy
  • Keeping abreast with the innovative digital technologies such as AI & blockchain, DNA-based skin analysis, etc.
  • Winning “InnoBeauty” awards to make your company shine and sets it apart from your competition

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